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Modular scaffolds


These are system scaffoldings where the connections of bolts and braces with frame stands are made in constant points of junction, placed in regular distances (modules). The part of a hitch, mainly rotating, is played by a flange which is welded to pipe stands in 50cm distances. The hitches of bolts and braces are fastened in wedged-shaped way to flanges. You can fasten up to 8 bolts and braces to one flange, but it is hard to see this on building site. On the other hand, this kind of solution lets you spread bolts and braces at any angle.

Flange-pole scaffold is more expensive than frame one and its installation is more laborious. This kind of scaffoldings are necessary when using spatial scaffolds is needed. They are the most appropriate scaffolds in case of adapting to complicated object surface (for example as an industrial scaffold used in buildings, maintenances, repairs of technological industrial equipment with a lot of installations, gear and wires).

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